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The Institute of Occupational Safety & Health have developed the IOSH Managing Safely course for managers and supervisors in any business sector, and organisation.  READ MORE
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Mon, 4th May
Wed, 1st Jul
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Wed, 6th May
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Course Overview
The Institute of Occupational Safety & Health have developed the IOSH Managing Safely course for managers and supervisors in any business sector, and organisation. This IOSH Managing Safely course has been designed to enable managers to introduce new controls and implement changes within their department. The aim of the course is to promote a safer workplace in line with a companies organisational policy and health & safety compliance.

At the end of the course candidates will be require to carry out the following:

  • A practical risk assessment based project
  • A short exam (25 multi-format questions)

Successful delegates will receive a Managing Safely certificate issued by IOSH.

Following successful completion of this IOSH Managing Safely course candidates will be able to:

  • Understand the main guidelines and practice as set out in Health & Safety at Work Act
  • explain the component parts of a recognised safety management system such as HSG65, and OHSAS 18001
  • identify the data and techniques required to produce an adequate record of an incident and demonstrate the procedure for an accident investigation, recognising the human factors involved
  • describe statutory requirements for reporting and procedures for checking for non-reporting
  • define ‘hazard’ and ‘risk’, and describe the legal requirements for risk assessment
  • demonstrate a practical understanding of a risk assessment technique and the data required for records
  • describe workplace precaution hierarchies
  • prepare and use active monitoring checklists and implement schedules for active monitoring, recording results and analysing records
  • outline relevant health and safety legislation, codes of practice, guidance notes and information sources such as the Health and Safety Executive.

This qualification will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction and Overview
  • Risk Assessment
  • Risk Control
  • Understanding Responsibilities
  • Health and Safety Legislation
  • Common Hazards
  • Investigating Accidents and Incidents
  • Measuring Performance
  • Environmental Protection

3 days.

An IOSH ‘Managing safely’ certificate is awarded to all those who attend the course and successfully complete both the written and practical assessments. Understanding of the course material is evaluated by means of a written assessment paper consisting of 25 multi-format questions and a practical risk assessment based project. Delegates are responsible for submitting their assessments within the required timescales. If assessments are not submitted by this time the candidate will fail the course.

Who should attend?
Managers and supervisors in any sector and any organisation who is required to manage risk and resources within their organisation.

Suggested Progression
Many people that study the IOSH Managing Safely qualification go on to study for a NEBOSH Certificate(General, International, Construction and/or Fire Certificates).